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Green Beaver consists of a four piece band, which includes John Negro on vocals and guitar, and Dave Taylor on drums and vocals.

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John Negro casually suggests

John Negro portrait

John Negro started playing guitar a bit later than most other players of his time (no date given). Basically self-taught on a mixture of mainly blues, a small amount of Pop, Jazz and Jazz/Rock fusion. He has an affinity for ‘Fender’ Guitars particularly the ‘Stratocaster’. Started playing in bands for many years in his hometown Perth, Western Australia.

In September 1985, he decided to move across the continent to Sydney fulfilling a promise to a close musical brother, and to further pursue his musical interests. He continued to play in many bands around Sydney until the birth of ‘Green Beaver’ in 2001.


Hendrix, Robin Trower, Lonnie Johnson, Hillel Slovak, Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson, Frank Zappa, Freddie King, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Ry Cooder, Lightning Hopkins, Fred McDowell, Peter Green, Kenny Burrell, S.R.V., Oscar Peterson, Weather-Report, The Sound, Mallard, Col. Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit, Matt Finish, Temper Temper, Return to Forever, What is This, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Beatles, Free, Capt. Beefheart, Dylan, Steely Dan, Jonny Winter, Taste and believe me the list goes on.

The Drummer demanding to be heard

Dave Taylor portrait

Dave Taylor has played drums for different types of bands but his biggest gig was his first one. It was a punk band called “The Popes” and we played to 3,000 Catholic School kids a Brisbane’s Festival Hall. The band split up immediately afterwards (before actually).

Other bands include:

“Immaculate Crows”— Indie rock band, received airplay on 4zzz (Brisbane). “Playa”— cover band, made the finals of Queesland Rock Awards, also supported Ian Moss. “Ivy St Big Band”— Party band: 3 guitars, 3 singers, 2 horns. I told you it was big “Sanity Assassins”— Sort of swampy punk rock, supported Hoodoo Gurus and also the Scientists. “Samaritan Sometimes”— Gothic band similar to Siouxie and The Banshees. Release 5 track e.p. called “Happy New Fear.”

Then there’s his “claim to fame” which was playing some Easybeats songs on stage with members of the Easybeats.

The Bass Player

Martin Fung portrait

Martin joined Green Beaver in 2014 on bass, he started playing bass when he was 15 and listen to all different kind of music played in the music channels and from the radio, and became known of many genres of music styles, before joining the band he played in several original and covers bands in Australia and Hong Kong with a variety of style of hard rock, funk, blues, Cantonese pop. His playing style is mainly towards Funk, Pop, but is also influenced by Rock and Blues.

The Harp Player and Backing Vocalist

Roger Allen portrait

Roger started playing blues and rock in the early 1970's in various bands around Balmain, mainly vocals and blues harp. He started touring up and down the east coast of Australia from North Queensland to Northern NSW returning to Sydney to play occasionally with the Layabouts in the late 1970's inner City pub scene.

In the early 1980's in Sydney he started up the band Hell Hound with Gary Lambert, which later morphed into the Blue Flyers, playing rhythm slide guitar, harp and vocals. In the late-80's Roger joined the House Rockers as a vocalist, guitarist and blues harpist.

During more recent years Roger has been a guest playing with the Gary Lambert Band and the Slowdowns. Roger is the most recent member of Green Beaver playing 2 gigs so far as a harp player and backing vocalist.

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